Client : Volkswagen   /   Agency : DDB Hamburg
Art director : Alexander Gutt  /   Illustrations : Romain Trystram
Volkswagen is working hard to shape the future of mobility. But this requires a lot of lateral thinkers, IT specialists and computer nerds. In order to reach these special professional groups, They choose to develop a recruiting campaign with DDB Hamburg that shows VW in a new light. With advertisements in specialist magazines, nationwide large-area posters and pointed online targeting, we challenge the target group: Create Future Mobility.
You can find below some screenshots of the process.
I did six illustrations in total
Below are the final versions of all the illustrations for the poster campaign in the street in Germany.
I also had to adapt all the illustrations for mobile phones and social medias.
One of the illustration was printed at big size on a wall at the oop conference for the Volkswagen stand. I wish I had more images to share with you...
You can find some articles about the campaign online and DDB made a little one to talk about their approach with this project.
A big thanks to the Art director Alexander Gutt for contacting me to work on this together and thank you guys for watching and all the comments and support and kind words as usuals. Thank you all very much !

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