Hi, here are some project I worked on for commissions or personal visual development.
CLIENTS : Mercedes-benz / Daimler / Peugeot / Magyar telekom / Affinity designer.​​​​​​​
I was commissioned to make an illustration for Magyar Telekom for the opening of their new headquarters in Budapest. ​​​​​​​
You can see here how i proceed to do the illustration. Based on the reference they sent me.
I was asked to make two panoramic illustrations to cover the "Paris motor show" for the French automotive brand Peugeot on social media. They worked with three illustrators to illustrate.
Here are the two illustrations I did. The timing was super tight and i did a lot of retakes.
I worked again with to make an illustration for Daimler.

Here an illustration I did for Mercedes-Benz. One more time, i had the pleasure to be commissioned by to do an illustration on mobility, autonomous driving and autonomous delivery.
I was commissioned by affinity designer editor "Serif " to do two illustrations for a private event. They asked me to licence some existing illustration I did but I originally did it in photoshop so I did two new with vector based software affinity designer.
Here is the second one, more complex and realistic than the first one. I already did the image in photoshop so I had to redo it in affinity and I was super happy to see how fast i can go with it to reproduce the illustration in vector.

Another super cool collaboration with Zarysy.
They licence an illustration I did few years ago to use it on a decorative piece for a luxurious apartment. I had to re do the illustration in vector because they needed it at big size. Here is what they did with it.

Personal visual development

As usual, as much as i can, I continue to search. Most of the time I feel that I do and redo the same thing again and again but I always try to take other ways. To push again. Waiting for new open doors. My goal is never to do super polished illustrations but more to develop more fluidity, be more efficient and also have fun. I am so grateful to be able to do this work. I have learned so much and I am amazed to see what results you can achieve with work, patience. So for all those who are new to this and the older ones, don't give up and do your thing.

The following one is based on an architectural concept from Roman Vlasov which I love the work
Thank you for watching.
I am new in instagram. Your support is very welcome ^^

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