Various illustrations 

Hello, here are some illustrations. Some are recent commissions and some others are more explorations, some are pretty old.
The reason why i didn't publish here before these older or single illustrations is that i try to keep a consistent portfolio to show in behance. Then i avoid to post single illustrations until they are really good. I post it on my Dribbble account because it's a better place to post single shots. Anyway, i hope you'll enjoy it and i will be happy to answer questions if you have or anything. 
Totaljobs UK asked me to do two illustrations on the theme of  " working spaces "​​​​​​​
Another one on the theme " Desktops "
Headroom VR : wallpaper of a retro future illustration for VR company. They asked me to do a retro future version of Munich 
Here is the first idea i send them
Siemmens : A commissioned on connected city but the clients changed their ideas and project aborded . Here is what i started
The first sketch i did
Mercedes-Benz Next : Commissioned illustration for their technology magazine for an article on " autonomous driving "
Cyphercon : Wallpaper illustration for a tech conference in Milwaukee 
Mixpanel : i was contacted to realize some illustrations for the website but they choose another direction
Some other versions
Opera : visual development
I like architecture : i did this a long time ago as propositions for wallpapers for i like 
Some places
Expeditions : Here a little series i started long time ago, a place to search and explore some different style.
Various illustrations 
Some cars
Thank you for watching

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